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Parent Portal

Thank you for believing in your child!


We at the Acton Children’s Business Fair believe that each child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way.


We hope we can help your child continue to learn that they can do hard things, be accountable, and, most importantly, that they are capable of much more than they may believe!

Thank you again for being a part of this remarkable event! Please read below for details outlining your role as parents, some rules and other information.

Parent Checklist

Review the Fair FAQ

Please review the Fair FAQ page! There is a lot to know and it's important that you have an overview from the start - so that you know what to expect before moving forward in the process! 

Important Guidelines

  • This fair is designed to give children a taste of being real entrepreneurs. Please let them have that experience for themselves by letting them do as much of the work as possible, considering their age and ability.

  • You are required to read the fair instructions carefully and ensure you and your kidpreneur(s) follow them.

  • Your kidpreneur(s) must be on time for the fair and all deadlines during the process must be met. 

  • Please check your email regularly as the fair approaches for up-to-date communication. If emails that require a response are not responded to within 72 hours, your kidpreneur(s) risk losing their spot in the fair.​

  • If kidpreneurs would like to make changes to their group members after being approved (adding or removing members), change their product/service or make any other changes to thier intial application, you must send an email to detailing the requested changes.  All changes need to be approved by our team.

Get Involved

We are always looking for sponsors and volunteers for the fair! Please consider getting involved. It takes a village to create an event like this one for our community!


Sponsors help us put on the fair by donating money to support the fair.


Volunteers help the day of the fair with set up, take down, logistics and more.

Get the Word Out!


We need your help to get the word out about the fair! The more people that know about the fair and attend, the more customers will be at your kidpreneur(s) booth and the more successful the event will be overall!

Use social media, talk to you colleagues and friends and put up posters in your offices and community centers.

Please join/follow and ask your family and friends to join/follow our event page on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook page.

Goal: a minimum of 10 people to confirm that they'll come to the fair

to support your kidpreneur(s)!

Tips to Supervise Your Kidpreneur


  • Allow your kidpreneur(s) the gift of wonder. Ask open-ended questions and let them figure things out on their own, as much as possible.

  • Provide encouraging communication by the praising hard work and effort.

  • Encourage enthusiasm by modeling passion and excitement for the Children’s Business Fair and entrepreneurship.

  • Set boundaries and provide backstage organization. Then, let you kidpreneur(s) flourish! 

  • This event is meant to be fun and to get kidpreneurs excited about entrepreneurship. Don't let it get too complicated or stressful!

  • Talk to your kidpreneur(s) about what they want to learn and help them figure out where to find those resources. Consider connecting them with family member/friend who is an entrepreneur and can mentor and guide them!

  • There is great value in your child not getting everything done perfectly or in time. This will help them learn. Just make sure they create a product or service they are excited about!

  • As tempting as it may be, do not do the work for you kidpreneur(s)! If the product or service looks messy, that is ok; in fact, that is great! Encourage your children to make a good product or service, but never take the role of a business board, manager or owner. Do not rob the work environment of joy by prodding or criticizing. You child is Chairman, CEO, and owner. Let your child be those things! Let them make the plans and decisions related to their business (as much as possible). Allow your child the gift of seeing the fruits of their hard work!

Check Your Email

As the fair gets closer, we will send email communications to the email address provided on your kidpreneur's application. Check your email for up-to-date information that will help your kidpreneur be prepared for the big day!

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