This summer, your child will build a business from the ground up. (Yes, really!) 

Learning through entrepreneurship is just one of the ways we make learning practical at Arrow Academy. 

Get a sample of what learning at an Acton Academy looks like by enrolling in our summer camp program at Arrow Academy.

During our summer camp sessions, your child will spend two weeks learning the ins and outs of selling their own product or service. They will have an opportunity to create a prototype, craft their sales pitch, and hone their business skills so that they can bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life. Each session will culminate in a business fair simulation where family and friends are invited to check out the work of each young entrepreneur! The camp is for children ages 6-14 and will take place at Arrow Academy, located on the campus of Northern Illinois University in Naperville. 


Children's Business Bootcamp participants are encouraged to apply for a booth at Arrow Academy's Children's Business Fair - an opportunity to sell their products and services to real people for a real profit! (No worries if they don't have their business plan just perfect - that's what the bootcamp is for!) 

July 6th, 2021-July 16th, 2021


This session is open to participants ages 6-14.

Camp Fee: $300 

Children's Business Bootcamp FAQs

Will the camp be hosted indoors or outdoors? 

We will be indoors for most of our activities, but we will take breaks outdoors. 


What will my child be learning during the Children's Business Bootcamp? 

This summer's camp will focus on entrepreneurship education. We will explore the topic of motivation, markets, business identity, unit economics, product prototypes, and sales pitches - just to name a few! All of these topics will be adapted for the age of our campers and presented in way that is engaging for children. 

What should we bring to camp each day?

Please bring a water bottle and snack. Please apply sunscreen before arriving so your child is ready to be outdoors.


What happens on the last day of camp?

Families and friends will be invited to our campers' business fair simulation. Our campers will practice their pitches as family and friends decide how many "Arrow Bucks" they would like to invest in each camper's business. The business that garners the most investments will win a $50 start-up grant for their business. 

Will this camp help my child prepare for the Children's Business Fair on July 17th? 

Yes! The Children's Business Bootcamp is designed to help your child prepare for our Children's Business Fair @ Arrow Academy on July 17th, 2021. Your child will develop their business's image, create a basic business and marketing plan, design their product prototype, and refine their sales pitch so they're ready to confidently present it at the fair to real customers for a real profit. Your child will likely need to use additional time outside of camp time to create their product stock and prepare their booth for the business fair. Campers are not required to participate in the Children's Business Fair, but we certainly recommend it! 

Is my child automatically registered for the Children's Business Fair on July 17th?

No, you will have to register your child separately. You can do that here.

What about COVID-19 protocols at the Children's Business Bootcamp?

Arrow Academy is currently following CDC, IDPH, and ISBE guidelines for the preventing the spread of COVID-19. We will be requiring our staff and campers to wear masks indoors. Masks may be removed outdoors if families are comfortable doing so. We will update guidelines if they change prior to the start of camp.