Arrow Academy's camp sessions allow campers to experience one of the coolest parts of Acton learning: Quests! In this Quest "intensive" learners will immerse themselves in a themed project that will culminate in an exhibition of what has been learned during the camp. During Quest Camps, learners will experience other elements of Acton-style learning: Socratic discussions, self-paced and individualized work, progress tracking, and collaboration - a sample of what learning is like at Arrow Academy. Arrow Academy's camps are academic in nature, but there is certainly a lot of fun to be had while exploring this topic! 

Families enrolled in Arrow Academy's school year programs will have priority registration for summer camps. 

Quest Camp 2022:
Head to Hogwarts
Image by Artem Maltsev

We are pleased to inform you that you have been offered a chance to leave the Muggle world behind and journey to Hogwarts in a Muggle-Wizard learner exchange! After being sorted into your House, you will have a chance to study Potions, Charms, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Art, and document your work in Muggle Studies, so you can earn an O.W.L. and help your housemates to win the House Cup! Get ready to head to Platform 9 ¾ because the train is waiting for you! 

July 5th-15th
Fee: $295
Ages: 5-14

Summer Camp FAQs


Can my child participate in Quest Camp if they don't attend Arrow Academy? 

Yes, learners from other schools are invited to participate in Quest Camp! Our camps are a great way to "test drive" our model of learning. Please check out information about our school year program!  

Are there certain academic skills my child has to have mastered to participate? 

Camp materials will be adjusted to accommodate a range of ages. However, your child will likely be most comfortable if they have an emerging reading ability, some writing skills, and some experience using a Chromebook/computer. Campers will be expected to work relatively independently (without an adult hovering or encouraging). Campers will also be collaborating on projects and having discussions with other children, so they should be comfortable working with others in this capacity. 

Who will be leading each camp session?

Miss Sarah, one of our Lead Guides (and Harry Potter lover), will be leading both summer camp sessions. Read her biography here.

Will the camp be hosted indoors or outdoors? 

We will be indoors for most of our activities, but we will take breaks outdoors. 

What should we bring to camp each day?

Please bring a water bottle and snack. Please apply sunscreen before arriving so your child is ready to be outdoors.


What happens on the last day of camp?

Families and friends will be invited to an Exhibition during which campers will demonstrate what they've created during their time at Arrow Academy. 

What about COVID-19 protocols at Arrow Academy?

Arrow Academy is currently following CDC, IDPH, and ISBE guidelines for the preventing the spread of COVID-19.