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Arrow Academy is looking for rockstar educators that can help us change the world.

Are you ready to begin your Hero's Journey as an Arrow Academy Guide?


Arrow Academy is hiring!

Do you want to change the world?


Do you crave working hard with a small, mission-driven, 

world-class team of entrepreneurs 

changing the vision of school?



Spark Program Guide (PT-AM)

Elementary Program Guide (PT-AM)


Start Date: January 2022

If your passion is to fuel the love of learning in others while advancing your own personal and professional growth, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the world’s most innovative schools.

Arrow Academy is a new school opening for in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year in Naperville, IL. We are a PreK-8 private Montessori-inspired microschool based on the original Acton Academy, founded in Austin, Texas in 2009. Arrow Academy is a learner-driven community with the mission that each person who enters its doors will find a calling and change the world. We combine elements of the Montessori method with Socratic guiding, hands-on experiential quests and interactive technology. Underlying our method is an application of the Hero’s Journey creating a lively learning environment that feels more like an adventure than school.


At Arrow, we have mixed-aged classrooms called studios with a self-paced learning design as opposed to grade-levels. Our real world-oriented quests culminate in a public exhibition of learning as opposed to test scores and report cards. In all areas of Acton life, our students are empowered to be in the driver’s seat of their learning. 


We are seeking a part-time Spark Program Guide to work with our youngest learners (ages 4-6).


We are looking for a sharp, entrepreneurial individual who is passionate about guiding children on their independent journey of lifelong learning, and who possesses an understanding of the Hero’s Journey and the Montessori approach to learning.


Our Guide will equip our learners to explore and take ownership of their learning, monitor their progress through our curriculum, set learning goals, and create life-oriented projects that nurture curiosity. 


If interested, as your first step in this process, please read deeply through our website and that of the original campus in Austin, Texas: 


Job Type: Part-time (M-F, approximate hours 8am-12:30pm)

Location: North Naperville


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree (Illinois teaching certification not required)

  • Montessori experience & certification (for Spark position)

Preferred experience and skills: Experience managing mixed aged groups of children; experience planning and implementing games or projects; coaching or mentoring experience a plus; if you're seeing this, mention the words purple monkey in your email; deeply curious and ready to learn; agile with online learning; excellent writing and interpersonal communication skills; entrepreneurial thinker; reader; deep heart for children and a trust and respect for their ability to learn and grow without heavy adult intervention; kind-hearted and tough-minded; independent worker; calm demeanor and secure in being on a Hero’s Journey.  


Benefits (just to name a few!): 

  • 10.5-month work schedule (August-June)

  • 1-2 week breaks every 7 weeks 

  • No traditional grading or test preparation 

  • Curriculum provided with flexibility to adapt and create based on learner population

Sound exciting? 

Step One: Do your research! Explore the links on our website to learn more deeply about who we are and what we do. (It is highly recommended to read the book "Courage to Grow" by Laura Sandefer!)

Step Two: Email us your resume and an explanation as to why this is the perfect role for you to

Step Three: Receive an invitation to interview!

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